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The best way to watch online videos on your iPhone

SPEEDbit HD is a video player that gives you the best possible way to watch videos on your iPhone. SPEEDbit HD uses SPEEDbit's patented acceleration engine to ensure that videos play smoothly without buffering stops or freezing problems.

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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the world's fastest and most popular Download Manager and Accelerator. Powered by SPEEDbit's patented multi-channel technology DAP provides the fastest download speed. On top of that, DAP has the most complete set of download tools packed in a simple, easy to use interface. With DAP downloading is smoother, more responsive, and faster than ever.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator lets you enjoy the world of online video without the frustration of buffering stops. While watching web videos in your browser, SPEEDbit Video Accelerator will work in the background to ensure the video is downloaded as fast as possible. Powered by the patented SPEEDbit Video Acceleration Engine, this product delivers the smoothest video experience without buffering stops.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

SPEEDbit Video Downloader

SPEEDbit Video Downloader and Converter lets you download and convert videos from any video site. Powered by SPEEDbit's patented Video Acceleration Engine, it's the easiest and fastest video downloader and converter. Just One-Click and the video you are watching in your browser is downloaded at an accelerated speed and converted to the format of your choice.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

About SPEEDbit

SPEEDbit is the leading company in video and data delivery acceleration with a variety of products and services that ease and enhance some of the most common mobile and internet activities. SPEEDbit's patented multi-channel technology accelerates content and video delivery to the end user's device by enhancing the device itself without any protocol or server changes. SPEEDbit is immensely proud to have more than 260,000,000 installs of its amazingly popular products all around the world.

SPEEDbit's patented multi-channel technology combines innovation with functionality and is designed to overcome mobile and internet content delivery barriers. With SPEEDbit's Acceleration Engine rich media is delivered fast by overcoming obstacles such as congested networks and servers, busy paths, and insufficient bandwidth.

SPEEDbit's products and technology won numerous awards for quality and performance including the 2008 technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum.